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Industry leading Technical Support

All our agents are friendly,experienced and professional

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Certified Specialists

All our specialists are certified in the various solutions with over 5 years expirience

Who we are | Cloud Specialists

Fluidbit Systems provide innovative cloud solutions to business and home clients. All our specialists are experienced and Certified in various solutions that we offer to our clients

Cloud Service

On-demand delivery of Compute power,Storage, Applications, and other IT resources so that you don’t have to worry about hardware,power,Licensing and Maintenance cost (Iaas,SaaS & SaaS)

Maintenance & Support

Get the most out of your IT resources by accessing our dedicated Support team to help you with any issues. Smooth operation of your IT infrastructure is supported through routine Servicing and maintenance

DNS & Domain Hosting

Clustered DNS for ‘High Availability’ name servers to ensure premium domain services at all time.Our fully managed domain services are designed to remove the headache associated with managing domain names efficiently